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Novax, Vecter, Newcraft Map/Texture Pack | Download for Minecraft 1.3.1

Hello Minecrafters! Novax and Vecter is the name of the city, in map this means there are two cities. These cities are very beautiful and had built in Minecraft. Lighting here updated and improved texture, to produce better lighting. There is a New Block and Lots of premaded buildings, which are very beautiful. You want to know what Novax city, and Vecter city? It’s fun!

How to Install Novax, Vecter, Newcraft Map/ Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.3.1

1. You will need MCPatcherHD for this.
2. First of all download the texturepack.
3. Open it with winrar and find “world2″.
4. Put the world2 in your saves folder which is in your .minecraft folder.
5. Then open the patcher and start patching.
6. Run the game and go to “mods and texture packs”.
7. Open “texture pack” folder.
8. Copy and paste your texture pack here.
9. Play.

Novax, Vecter, Newcraft Map/Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.3.1 Main Features

# New Block

Download Novax, Vecter, Newcraft Map/Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.3.1

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